Specializing In Habit Hand Tied Extension Method. ( Soon to be certified in Invisible Bead Extensions.)

I have done every extension method over the past 10 years. I can confidentially say, this is the BEST extension method out there. I currently wear hand tied extensions myself! This method is the most natural, low maintenance method there is.  I have switched many clients from tape ins to hand tied hair and they are in LOVE!   

Extensions are a luxury hair service.Even the smallest amount of hair added to the head can create fulness & can make all the difference!  

 *pricing for extensions varies*

For extension move ups I charge per row.

1st row $200

2nd row $150

3rd row and so on $150

*Color is not included in move up price.

*Cost of hair and install not included in move up pricing.

New guest can fill out the contact form below with questions regarding extensions. Please send me a goal picture of what you think you may want, as well as your current hair.


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