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Masters Technique Advanced Education

I am currently enrolled and taking the Invisible Bead Extensions® Masters technician course. I can wait to make your installs & grow outs even better!

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IBE is a method of extensions using hand tied wefts. IBE was created with keeping a healthy scalp & health of your hair in mind. With minimal points of contact, we use the least amount of tension on your hair which keeps your natural hair healthy.

The Process:

After the first initial consultation appointment you will leave a non refundable deposit. Which covers part of your first install appointment. You will pay the rest of the balance on the day of install. This payment covers hair, install, Cut,Shaping of extensions, custom color of extensions & style.I will send you home with a goodie bag that will help start your at home care.

Initial Investment:

1 Row Fullness: $1,600+

2 Rows Length & fullness: $2,2000+

**Hair typically needs to be replaced every 8-12 months.

Maintenance Appointments:

1 Row: $220

2 Rows: $400

Maintenance appointments will take place 6-8wks.

You can book your new install or move up appointment below. If you are wanting a new set of hair, please book extension consultation!

*New clients please book a consultation

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What are Invisible Bead Extensions?

-IBE is one of the safest methods of extensions. Using no heat, glue or chemicals to add length, fullness & body to the hair. We use the least amount of tension for a comfortable and safe wear.

Can I wear extensions if I have thin hair?

-Yes. IBE is installed without causing tension to your natural hair, while using no chemicals, heat, tape or glue for a safe install & grow out. It is extremely safe for fine, thin hair.

Extensions: FAQ

What are hand tied extensions?

-Hand tied extensions are sewn by hand, and are very light weight on the head. They are installed on a row of beads that are sewn onto the hair, for a completely seamless install.

How Long will the hair last?

-6-12 months depending on your home care. I have had clients go longer then a year with their same extensions because they use very little heat & make sure to keep their extension hair moisturized.

Will They damage my own hair?

-No. IBE’s top  focus is scalp and hair health. IBE uses no chemicals, glue, tape or heat during any of the process. This method was created to keep the health of your hair a top priority. I have had many clients, have major success with their natural hair growing and becoming much healthier while wearing IBE.

Extensions: FAQ
Extensions: FAQ

Can I still color my hair?

-Yes! You can still get your hair colored with extensions installed. If you don’t color your hair , or want to take a break from coloring I have many clients who use extensions to give them pops of color. OR, just to keep it natural.

What is the maintenance?

-6-8wks before you come in for a reinstall. I do have some clients who can go 10-12wks because they take amazing care of their hair.

Can I workout?

-Yes! IBE is installed without tension, & flexibility to wear your hair up without beads showing.

Extensions: FAQ

Can I get my hair wet?

-Yes. I recommend putting leave in conditioner & Braiding your hair prior to getting it wet.

How is this method different from others?

-IBE was created with the focus of keeping the health of the hair, scalp  & comfort in mind. Flexible grow outs so you can be comfortable and wear your hair up. So seamless no one will know you have extensions.

What kind of hair do you use?

-Covet and Mane,& IBE hair.

How do you remove the extensions?

-The removal process is QUICK. Depending on how many rows it should take no longer than 15 minutes.

What to expect at an extension consultation.

-We will go over your hair goals & figure out if extensions will be the right fit for you. We will also go over if you want to color your natural hair as well or leave it. I will pull out the extension hair & show you the whole process & what you can expect for your install. You will leave a deposit on your consultation appointment, & pay the reminder the day of install.

Extensions: FAQ
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